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    • Syed Amar Khan

      Activity notice   03/15/2018

      Action: All members To whom it may concern, Please ensure you remain active by posting regularly in the forum. Our system automatically suspends or deletes accounts that are categorised as spammers or security risks including users engaged in copyright violations/IP theft. Lurkers are strictly not welcome. Thank you. SA Khan Bangladesh Defence Forum Management


Bangladesh Defence Forum User Guidelines

01. Forum only limited to people from 16 years of age or over.
02. Use your real name for your account. If you have a legitimate privacy concern you may use an alias, which is subject to administrator’s approval. Names such as “Friend” or “King” are unacceptable, and will be deleted.
03. Original and verified email address is mandatory. No fake email addresses will be allowed. If you have already registered with a spam guard email service, you need to update that as soon as possible.
04. Respect the netiquette: Lurk and get to know the forum before you post.
05. Be nice to each other and respect the moderator. Profanity and insults will not be tolerated.
06. Don’t post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then don’t post.
07. Refrain from posting pornography, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminating remarks.
08. Do not post links or pictures that relate to pornography in any shape or form
09. Threats to cause physical or mental harm, extreme offensive language, may result in an immediate ban from the forums.
10. Trolling is prohibited. Trolling DOES NOT encourage further discussion in the long run, it only encourages personal attacks (if left unchecked)
11. Any posts that promote software piracy or even approach the subject will be deleted on sight.
12. Spamming is strictly prohibited (that includes unauthorised advertisement of any product, service or website). Spammers will be immediately banned.
13. Private Messages received on the Forum are to be considered private and are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the private message agrees.
14. Private Messaging (PM) system must not be used for spamming or advertising. PMs maybe monitored if complaints received.
15. Not responding to or ignoring moderator warnings can lead to suspension.
16. Spreading religious hatred is strictly prohibited.
17. Do not post any anti-semetic material (Anti-Muslim, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Christian)
18. Members using multiple user names will have their membership revoked.
19. Posting in wrong forum will either be deleted or moved to the appropriate one.
20. No argument is allowed in case of topic movement, deletion and editing.
21. Refrain from off-topic, misleading, and repeat posting.
22. Do not create new threads with topics without discussion value.
23. Do not post images where they are prohibited from being posted.
24. Do not pot any copyrighted material unless you provide credit to the information that you post here, that is not your own.
25. Calling people with nickname as bro or sis is not allowed.
26. Your custom avatars must not contain any religious, sexual or otherwise deemed illegal graphics. If it contains any of the previous the avatar can be deleted.
27. Do not post any religious material, THIS IS A DEFENCE RELATED FORUM.
28. No petty party political activities allowed.
29. Any post which does not serve the national interests of Bangladesh or contradicts the policy of the armed forces will be deleted immediately without notice. It may also lead to permanent ban from the forum.
30. Making threats, incitement of terrorism or any criminal offence is a serious crime and anyone found involved will be banned immediately which may lead to information sharing with the local & international law enforcement agencies.
31. If you post any text materials (such as news articles, extracts, external quotations) that is not written by you provide a reference (source link or source name if link is not available).
32. After posting any text material you must provide your opinion on it if not already stated within your original post. Failure to do so may lead to post being locked or deleted. If repeated continuously your account may be suspended or banned.
33. All original materials such as text, images or videos that are copyrighted to this website is prohibited from being copied, edited, stored or retransmitted in any form without prior consent of the forum management. However, images can be posted on other website if reference link is provided back to “www.defbd.com”. Legal penalties may apply to violators.
34. If you belong to the “General Member” group you are required to post up to 25 meaningful posts a month on average to retain your free forum account. Prolonged inactivity by any “General Member” can lead to suspension of account.
35. All content in the Bangladesh Defence Forum including posts, photos, videos are copyrighted material. Any illegal use of materials is prohibited and guilty party is liable for legal action.
36. Any attempt by users to misuse the website, modify it, hack or steal content is prohibited. Persons engaging in such activities will have legal action taken against them and are liable to pay any compensation to the BANGLADESH DEFENCE FORUM Management for the incurred damages.
37. Read the sub-forum rules to be clear about any specific rules in that forum that you must abide by.


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